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Science and Vedanta

Publisher / Brand: Bhaktivedanta Institute Article Code: ECONS
[EU-Price: € 7.40]Consciousness or being conscious is part of our everyday life, every minute. We know we have consciousness but we do not know about it – What is it? From where it arises or is it itself a fundamental aspect of reality? Consciousness is a mystery for all of us even after decades of ..
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Publisher / Brand: Bhaktivedanta Institute Article Code: EGIAP
Reflections of Two Nobel Laureates: Charles H. Townes and William D. Phillips Dr. T.D. Singh (H.H. Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami) discusses with Charles H. Townes, inventor of the laser and maser, and William D. Phillips, pioneer in laser cooling of atoms, about the prime importance of their r..
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Publisher / Brand: Torchlight Publishing Article Code: EHDE
A Vedic Alternative to Darwin's Theory [EU-Price: € 29.90]The highly anticipated sequel to the controversial bestseller «Forbidden Archeology». Excerpts from a review:Krishna cosmology views physical reality as a devolved plane of existence which we can occasionally break through via out-of-body exp..
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Publisher / Brand: Bhaktivedanta Institute Article Code: EMYST
A meeting point of science and religion [EU-Price: € 7.40]We are surrounded by mountains of unlimited mysteries. In any discipline, if one goes a little deeper, one encounters myriads of mystical elements. Starting from the question about the existence of cute imaginary numbers (are they really imag..
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Publisher / Brand: Bhaktivedanta Book Trust Article Code: EREDA
A Vedic Study of Darwinism and Intelligent Design [EU-Price: € 8.00] For more than a century, Charles Darwin's theory of evolution has been the theoretical framework - the paradigm - in mainstream biology and related life-sciences. Nevertheless, great advances in biochemistry over the past decades..
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Publisher / Brand: Bhaktivedanta Book Publishing Article Code: EHHHR
The condensed edition of Forbidden Archeology [EU-Price: € 18.00]This book exposes a major scientific cover-up. Over the past two centuries researchers have found bones and artifacts showing that people like ourselves existed on earth millions of years ago. But the scientific establishment has suppr..
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