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Tilak from India, to mark forehead and body with the vaishnava tilak signs (used with water). Gopi Chandan Tilak, 70g..
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Karatalas are used as music instrument to accompany traditional songs. One pair of Karatalas, diameter 7.5 - 8cm, joined with a knitting band..
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Publisher / Brand: Mandala Publishing Article Code: KIRK
Chanting Tools to Awaken the Soul So simple yet so profound, chanting has the power to unify, inspire, and transcend. The Kirtan Kit, which includes vintage and contemporary Sanskrit prayers, offers one such meditative gateway. With kirtan masters guiding you, solo and group chanting has neve..
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For Meditation, Devotion and Bliss The Krishna Kit is a «sacred altar kit» and it contains:  • a beautiful hand crafted Krishna deity  • a pack of incense «Scents of India»  • an incese holder  • 7 prayer cards with Krishna lila motifs and back with prayer mantras and Englis..
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collapsible This cute table pocket hooks can be used to hang a pocket or something similar at any table with a table top thickness of up to about 3cm. They are made out of stainless steel and can easily be folded up. The back side is made of slip-resistant gum. They are delivered with a practi..
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