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Japa Meditation TechniquesA Summary compilation about the identity and the glories of the Holy Name. Includes yoga techniques of concentration, japa meditation techniques, and many more.«The whole world is suffering for want of God consciousness. So it is the duty of all religious sects to teach..
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Publisher / Brand: Veda-Akademie-Verlag Article Code: DNOZ
Das Geheimnis der Mantra-MeditationDer Nektarozean des Heiligen Namens ist das erste deutschsprachige Werk über das Chanten (Singen oder Beten) der Heiligen Namen Gottes (Krishnas), das in den vedischen Schriften als der wichtigste Vorgang zur Selbst- und Gottesverwirklichung beschrieben wird. Es en..
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Nine Keys from the Siksastaka to Improve Your Japa In this book Bhurijana Dasa has mined nine jewels from the first four verses of the Siksastaka and fashioned them into practical «keys» which he presents at japa retreats. These keys can help a chanter unlock the treasures of Krishna's holy names. ..
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Publisher / Brand: Amra Verlag Article Code: DMANP
Worte aus der Quelle der Kraft und HeilungDas Singen von Mantras ist ein Jahrtausende alter Weg der Selbstfindung durch die Kraft des Wortes und des Klangs, der in heutiger Zeit auch bei uns immer bekannter und beliebter wird. Zu den beliebtesten Mantra-Sängern im deutschen Sprachraum gehören Satyaa..
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Publisher / Brand: Hans-Nietsch-Verlag Article Code: DMAN
Die spirituelle Kraft des Klangs, von Marcus Schmieke und Sacinandana SwamiMantras sind Worte der Kraft, die unser Leben positiv beeinflussen. Solche heiligen Wörter wurden in allen alten Kulturen verwendet, doch Indien gilt als das Land, in dem ihre Rezitation zur höchsten Blüte geführt wurde.In di..
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Publisher / Brand: Mandala Publishing Article Code: EMAY
Discover the healing power of sound World-class musician Patrick Bernard, who has topped the Billboard charts selling over 500,000 CDs, presents a compelling case for the transformational potential of sound as a tool for personal development. His insightful words reveal much about the potency of ma..
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Publisher / Brand: Bhaktivedanta Book Trust Article Code: ESNAM
The Nectar of The Holy NameCompilation by Subhananda Dasa of Srila Prabhupada speaking about the nectar of chanting Hare Krishna. By studying Srila Prabhupada's instructions on this most important of subjects, one will become fully convinced of the central importance of offenseless chanting of the h..
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Publisher / Brand: Saranagati Publishing Article Code: ETLN
A Guide to Chanting with AbsorptionJust as the five life airs animate the body with life, the five powerful practices in The Living Name can enliven the chanting of the Holy Name and turn it into a dynamic and transformative experience.In this guidebook one will first learn how to ali..
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Publisher / Brand: Saranagati Publishing Article Code: ENOC
The Secret of Mantra Meditation The Nectarean Ocean of the Holy Name offers a comprehensive and lucid approach to the philosophy and practice of the chanting process.Based on the Harinama Cintamani of Bhaktivinoda Thakura, it serves similarly as entry, reference, and source of absorption. Numerous ..
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