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Bio Hot Curry
-35 %
Publisher / Brand: AMLA Natur GmbH Article Code: LGHC
Ayurvedic Spice Mixture[EU-Price: € 5.90]Printed expiry date: 9 / 2022For all who like a hot taste. Delicous to lentils, chutneys and vegetables as eggplant and capsicum.The ingredients of this gourmet spice are preserved in a special light and flavour container.Ingredients: Turmeric, Black Pepper, ..
CHF 4.81 CHF 7.40
Ex Tax:CHF 4.81
Chyavanprash (Amla Jam), 450g
-25 %
Publisher / Brand: AMLA Natur GmbH Article Code: LECHYA
Original Ayurvedic Formula[EU-Price: € 24.90]Printed expiry date:  21.09.2022Original Chyavanprash in traditionally production. The amlafruits and most of the herbs and spices are gathered by native inhabitants in the forests of Gujarat, Inida. Production under supervision of Ayurvedic experts.Usage..
CHF 24.00 CHF 32.00
Ex Tax:CHF 24.00
Organic Cumin (whole)
-25 %
Publisher / Brand: AMLA Natur GmbH Article Code: LGKRZ
[EU-Price: € 4.90]Printed expiry date:  10.09.2022Cumin, like all types of caraway, helps against flatulence and makes a heavy meal easier to digest. It is therefore suitable for all lentils and cabbage dishes. Best when roasted briefly in clarified butter (ghee). It also goes well with salty lassi ..
CHF 4.65 CHF 6.20
Ex Tax:CHF 4.65
Organic Mandel Magic
-20 %
Publisher / Brand: Govinda Natur GmbH Article Code: LMMM
Confectionary made of untreated dried fruit and almonds[EU-Price: € 4.40]Printed expiry date:  30.10.2022Almonds are veritable allrounders - naturally rich in proteins and fibres, and replete with natural nutrients. Their fatty acid spectrum and their vitamin-B complex are excellent, and they are ri..
CHF 4.40 CHF 5.50
Ex Tax:CHF 4.40
Organic Shatavari, 150 tablets
-35 %
Publisher / Brand: AMLA Natur GmbH Article Code: LESHAK
Food Supplement made from herbs[EU-Price: € 11.90]Aufgedrucktes Haltbarkeitsdatum:  21.08.2022Shatavari gehört zur Familie der Spargelgewächse. Verwendet wird die Wurzel. Im Ayurveda gilt es als Tonikum für die Frau. Übersetzt bedeutet Shatavari «Die, die hundert Ehemänner besitzt». Shatavari reduzi..
CHF 10.08 CHF 15.50
Ex Tax:CHF 10.08
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