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About Us

Welcome to the ancient Vedic high culture!

The Sankirtan Association (SAVE) deals with the ideas of the Vedic (old Indian) high culture and operates an online shop with well over 1000 products.

Purpose and background:

Thanks to the association's many years of efforts to translate and publish the Vedic scriptures written in Sanskrit into German, a wide selection of literature on a comprehensive subject area is now available. In the online shop, the Vedic texts are supplemented by books from modern times, modern science or by authors with a comparable view of life. This makes it possible to build bridges between Eastern wisdom and modern knowledge as well as between different cultures. The extensive range of books is also enriched with many other products that are intended to make it possible to apply the insights gained from studying books in everyday life.


Online store offer:

  • Authentic translations of the Vedic scriptures and supplementary literature on a wide range of subjects (Bhakti yoga, karma, reincarnation, mantra meditation, Ayurveda, trauma healing, near-death experiences, Vedic architecture «Vastu», cosmology and astrology, turning point and golden age, Sanskrit, ethics and wisdom, vegetarianism and Vedic cooking, ...)
  • Ayurvedic vegetarian delicacies, spices and organic ingredients, dietary supplements, meat substitute products, associated cookbooks
  • DVDs with seminars, documentaries and feature films
  • CDs with music, lectures, radio plays and stories
  • Mantra meditation chains, meditation instructions and accessories, devotional items
  • Vastu articles (yantras) as well as artistic posters with linen embossing
  • Ayurveda products, natural cosmetics, Weleda products
  • Natural incense sticks, other smoking products and accessories

We hope that you will find a source of joy, inspiration and new insights in our books and other articles!