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Ramayana, Ranchor Prime / B.G.Sharma

Ramayana, Ranchor Prime / B.G.Sharma
Ramayana, Ranchor Prime / B.G.Sharma

A Tale of Gods and Demons
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This gorgeously illustrated retelling by Ranchor Prime of the story of Rama, the king of Ayodha, is an extraordinary addition to both Vaishnava literature and Indian art. First told by the poet Valmiki in 24,000 Sanskrit verses more than 20,000 years ago, and then memorized and retold by Valmiki’s disciples and passed down from generation to generation, the Ramayana has been central to Indian life. It has been the basis for understanding morality and spirituality for millennia. From His intimate devotee, Hanuman, to his loving queen, Sita, we are endeared to both text and illustration as these uniquely devotional paintings propel us through the story and into the heart of the Ramayana.This book has more than 70 striking color plates, it contains master painter B. G. Sharma’s work, specifically created to illustrate this Ramayana.

144pages, more than 120 art color pictures, thread bound, format 31 x 31cm, with dust jacket

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