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Sharkara® Sugar 500g

Sharkara® Sugar 500g
Sharkara® Sugar 500g

Ayurvedic Cane Sugar

No other food provokes as much discussion as sugar. It is almost universally condemned as fattening, and overconsumption of sugar is considered to contribute to many health problems. But thousands of years ago, a special type of sugar with totally different properties was developed by Ayurvedic specialists - Sharkara®.

According to Ayurveda, the procedures used for preparing Sharkara® enable the human physiology to metabolise it much more effectively than ordinary sugar. The ancient ayurvedia text Yog Ratnakar, written arround 300 BC, contains the following description: "Sharkara®, made from sugar cane, is palatable, improves the appetite, and supports the nourishment of the body. It helps concentration and reduces mental confusion, restlessness and nervousness. Through its cooling influence, it reduces Pitta. Sharkara® reduces conceit, inertia, and exhaustion. It normalises the digestive fire (Agni), strengthens energy and vitality, and reduces Vata."

In ayurvedic medicine, Sharkara® is used as an "anupanam" or "vehicle" and acts as a carrier of herbal supplements, enabling their effects to be conveyed to the most subtle levels of the physiology.

Sharkara® is produced in India under the supervision of ayurvedic experts. Through a special process of repeated crystallisation, the liquid sugar cane extract is purified and refined. Finally the crystals are crushed and powdered.

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