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Snapy® Insect Catcher

Snapy® Insect Catcher
Snapy® Insect Catcher

A simple tool for catching insects and releasing them alive

 • Snapy uses a well-known and yet incredibly simple principle. Almost everyone has at sometime fiddled with a glass jar and sheet of paper to remove an unwanted insect from the home, without wanting to kill it. Snapy works on the same principle – that pleasant déjà-vu experience.

 • Snapy resolves the ‘insect problem’ - hygienic and environment-friendly, without poison.

 • Snapy is ideal for those with insect phobias. Almost one in two people suffer from some sort of insect phobia, and are thus a potential user – a Snapy makes a very welcome present

 • Ideally suited for people with allergies, as insects can be removed with no danger of contact.

 • Snapy is also excellent for discovering the fascination of the insect world. Insects can be examined at close quarters. Children of all ages will become enthusiastic ‘explorers.

 • Snapy is indispensable in the home. Also when camping, caravanning, or in the holiday home Snapy is of tremendous practical value.

Snapy® insect catcher in green, yellow or blue

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