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Varnasrama Compendium Vol. 1, Sivarama-Swami

Varnasrama Compendium Vol. 1, Sivarama-Swami
Varnasrama Compendium Vol. 1, Sivarama-Swami

The Varnas
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This handbook is the first instalment of publications that will define and regulate the implementation of varnasrama in the hungarian devotee community. It is not meant really for general public but for the devotees. The subject matters of this first volume are the qualities and the duties of the devotees in general, as well as those specific to each varna. By developing the qualities and duties of their varna, devotees can feel confident that they are living in the world in a way that is pleasing to Krsna and which facilitates their Krsna consciousness.

The principles of varnasrama are eternal, whereas its application is variable according to time, place and circumstance. Therefore the form of varnasrama today will be different from that of Yudhisthira Maharaja’s ancient time. Similarly the varnasrama structure, that the devotees are developing in Hungary, may differ from what other set in motion in China or Canada, for example. The places and circumstances differ, however the eternal principles of varnasrama will be the same and thus in time ISKCON will have fulfilled its worldwide remit to organise itself along the lines of daiva-varnasrama. Having done that, it can then inspire world leaders to follow the model.

436 pages, hard bound

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