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Organic Ashvagandha, 150 tablets

Organic Ashvagandha, 150 tablets
Organic Ashvagandha, 150 tablets

Food Supplement made from herbs
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Ashvagandha, also named winter cherry or sleeping berry, is one of the most famous food supplements of ayurveda. Ashvagandha means "odour of a horse", indicating that the herb imparts the vital power and strength of a horse (not scientifically established). It reduces vata and kapha doshas.

For this Ashvagandha tablets high-quality sustainable raw material is being used which is carefully harvested, cleansed and dried. Although it is a traditional product, modern manufacturing and drying processes are also employed. Internationally valid hygiene standards are abided by.

Ingredients: Winter Cherry (Ashvagandha, Withania somnifera) root powder 97.5%, tapioca starch
(all ingredients are certified organic).

Directions for adults: 3 x 2 tablets daily. Daily dosage contains 2340 mg root powder and 4.8 mg withanolides. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Food supplements are not a replacement for a normal, varied diet.

Content: 60g / approx. 150 tablets

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