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Consciousness, Dr T. D. Singh

Consciousness, Dr T. D. Singh
Consciousness, Dr T. D. Singh

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Consciousness or being conscious is part of our everyday life, every minute. We know we have consciousness but we do not know about it – What is it? From where it arises or is it itself a fundamental aspect of reality? Consciousness is a mystery for all of us even after decades of advancement in  natural sciences and medical field.

The author, Dr. T. D. Singh, is one of the renowned personalities, a pinoneer and visionary who gave a new start to this field of consciousness and was instrumental in bringing consciousness under scientific investigation. He launched the «First International Conference on the Study of Consciousness within Science» in 1990 at San Francisco, California. From neuroscientists to quantum physicists to psychologists including two Nobel Laureates, he brought together the most eminent minds on a common table for a serious dialogue. Dr. Singh, who underwent rigorous practice both as a firm scientist and as a profound Vedantist, has brought out some of the most precious and deeper aspects of this mystery of consciousness in this volume.

88 pages, with pictures and illustrations throughout the book, soft bound

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