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Feriencamp Bretaye 2006 (MP3)

Feriencamp Bretaye 2006 (MP3)
Feriencamp Bretaye 2006 (MP3)

Lectures and seminars of the holiday camp 2006 in Bretaye (MP3-CD)
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From July 22nd till 29th 2006, a spiritual holiday camp was organized in Maison de Montagne de Bretaye in the Swiss alps, in which more than 100 persons participated. Far away from modern zivilization, the senses have become opened for spirituality. This two MP3 cd's contain the seminars and lectures given during this camp:

CD 1:
• The teachings of Sri Caitanya in the light of Brhad Bhagavatamrta
by Bhakti Charu Swami (englisch seminar in 5 parts)
• Bhajan
• Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.39.22
by Smita Krishna Swami (lecture in englisch)

CD 2:
• Nahrung für die Seele
by Sacinandana Swami (german seminar in 4 parts)
• Bhajan
• 5 evening programs:
- Nama-Yajna
- Jagannatha in Hamburg (by the Swamis, in englisch)
- Krishna-katha (by the Swamis, in englisch)
- Magic Box (questions and answers, with the Swamis, in englisch)
- Final evening (with the Swamis, partially in english, partially in german)

MP3-CD (set of 2), partially in english, partially in german

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