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Reality the Beautiful, Elvir Music (CD)

Reality the Beautiful, Elvir Music (CD)
Reality the Beautiful, Elvir Music (CD)

The Vedas tell us, «Om!». «Om» means a big «Yes!». «What you are searching for - that is! Don't be disappointed.» The Vedas say that the object of our inner search exists. The common search of all your hearts is existing, and your thirst will be quenched. By your constitution you are meant for that and you deserve that, so don't be afraid; don't be cowed down. It is already given in your being. And you can never be satisfied with anything else. So prepare yourself, after your long search, to receive that long missing nectar in its full form and quality. Awake! Arise! Search for your fortune and you cannot but have that. It is your birthright. It is the wealth of your own soul. It cannot but be within you. You have no other business, no other engagement but the Search for Sri Krishna: Reality the Beautifil. [Swami B.R. Sridhara]

List of the songs included:
• Nitai Gauranga
• He Govinda He Gopal
• Gaura Pahu
• Sri Siksastakam
• Gaura
• Jaya Prabhupada
• Maha Mantra
• Jaya Jagannatha

Audio-CD, 8 Songs, Total Play Time: 45 Min.

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